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Friends only.

Hi, I've decided to make this LJ friends only. If you want to be added, just comment here and I'll be happy to ablige.
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*grabs the ring & runs off with it* yay! car lighter! *shoves it into the lighter holder & grabs it out smoldering & shining with words* yayayyayaya! *lights fag* hehhehe. my precious....
The ring is MY burden ;x; I alone must carry it! *adds* I want my ring back. ^_~
well since you asked so nicely. *hands it back & conturves to smoke her hobbit fags*
I'm interested in seeing what's going on in your Tolkien-Catholic head (or vice versa) os I'm adding you with the hope that you'll add me back.

BTW -- Why on earth did you like Return of the King in movie form?
I thought it was a good movie. What's wrong with that?
Hi, added you back. I appologize if I seemed to be snapping at you in my last comment. I didn't mean to sound rude or anything ,really. Nice to meet you and welcome.
That's quite alright. Most people actually did/do think that its a good movie. I'm just such a purist...
I'm mostly kidding. That whole "Arogorn is a pansy, Frodo tells Sam to go home, and by the way the Shire isn't scourged" thing really upset me and so I guess I haven't gotten over that yet. I actually wonder if I ever will, if I ever can. I know that the director didn't think that it was an essential part of the books, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that it is THE essential part. (And I've heard that Tolkien defends it almost as forcefully.)
I understand your feeling totally. >>; I was mad that that Saruman was completely cut out and it was all basically happily ever after BS. ._.


i saw your post in ljcatholics. I am older but I'd love to have you on my friends list. I am also an active Catholic. I have to admit that I don't know much about the Lord Of The Rings though. :(

Hope you'll add me back!

Added you! ^___^
Hi there, this is a bit of a silly request but I don't know how else to do it. I was told that you might have some of the pics that caused such an uproar in the LOTR fandom this week, so I'd like to a) ask you if you do have them, and b) if you do have them, beg you to friend me so that I could see them too. Please. *begs on hands & knees* =) I couldn't be online at the time the galleries were open, and so far I have only managed to see the Dom ones. I'm especially looking for whatever pics ppl might have saved of Elijah and Billeh.

I totally understand it, though, if you don't want to friend me with this humble request.
I'll friend you if you wish but I don't have the pics in question sorry.
I have recently started a community for young catholics and christians called youngcatholics
I felt a less formal community was need for young people, one where opinions can be shared without judgement, one where questions can be asked and answered from teh heart rather than from bible passages, one where photo's, feelings and opinions can be shared, and overall a much more light-hearted community than the others (although I found them a great help and find no fault in them.)

Please join, and if you are interested, I am currently looking for someone to help maintain the community.

I will delete this if necessary.
Hi. I found you by clicking on one of my interests (una voce) and saw that we have many other common interests (from Tolkein to St. Pius X). I am a Roman Catholic (traditionalist, if you please), living in Russia. My own blog is in Russian only, but I'm trying to reach out to English-speakers, too. It would be nice if you add me :-).